Our Brands


Alexander Cobb

You will feel this collection best on your skin because Alexander COBB© underwear is your second skin. A perfect combination of materials, cotton and elastin, contemporary cuts, and no repetitive samples in limited editions. 


Founded in the Czech Republic in 2015, DMXGEAR has become a go-to-brand for stylish men underwear, sportswear, and swimwear. DMXGEAR brand has built an outstanding reputation for excellent quality, unique design and perfectly fitting underwear that breathes.

Joe Snyder Underwear And Swimwear

A pioneering brand in the men’s underwear industry for introducing the assortment of bright and vivid colours, Joe Snyder Underwear is known for delivering ultra-sexy underwear for men. For almost 50 years, Joe Snyder has been creating men’s underwear in Mexico. One of the brand's biggest accomplishment is the ability to create a range of head-turning underwear that can be used as swimwear as well. Made out of a luxurious mix of nylon and lycra, the undergarments are slinky enough to dazzle around the pool but made to dry quickly too. We believe every man should get the best bang for their buck. With Joe Snyder, you get sexy, thoughtfulness at a great price. Joe Snyder apparel also offers bright patterns and contoured cuts. From bikinis to thongs and jockstraps, Joe Snyder is a worldwide phenomenon because of their unique designs. Shop the array of exotic looking underwear available and discover why men have been choosing Joe Snyder for nearly half a century.


For more than 15 years, Malebasics has created one of the best priced underwear for men on the market combining the best features and proprietary technology. Designed in Montreal Canada and manufactured in Colombia, each Malebasics undergarment is made of soft fabrics and a microfiber waistband, making it the utmost comfortable out there. From briefs to boxer briefs and trunks or jockstraps, Malebasics offers styles for every men. Always on the forefront of trends, the brand also features new designs, vivid colours, cool patterns and day views new collections every year. Malebasics also offers performance underwear that is both ideal for the gym and team sports, supporting what’s important when moving and keeping you always cool. Choose Malebasics and you can be assured of quality underwear for every part of your life, priced right. Look your best and feel your best, because you deserve it.

MOB Men's Sexy Underwear

Sexy underwear isn’t just there to make your partner feel good, it is made to make you feel fantastic too. MOB eroticwear undergarments are as sexy as it gets, out there and a definite surprise for your significant other. Whoever thought lace underwear was a woman’s game could not have been more wrong. MOB Eroticwear Lace from Malebasics takes the feminine material and cuts it into styles that are all about showing off the male form. From thongsshorts or jockstraps and body suits, each MOB piece feature a frontal lace pouch designed with a contouring seam to give your package more definition. MOB jockstraps have wider-than-average straps around the back; this way there’s room for more of the stunning lace material. For the kinkiest and most erotic men out there, MOB takes design and teasing to new level in an array of cuts, colours and styles.

Oceanico Swimwear for Men

Discover our new Oceanico swimwear for men available in three cuts trunksbikini and sunga. Swimwear made to last, dry fast and catch a few looks at the beach. At Malebasics, we’ve been focusing on your undies for years. It was about time we made a splash on the scene with our new swimwear line for men, Oceanico. Oceanico was created to match your active lifestyle at the pool, the beach or even a party. Available in three cuts: trunks, bikini and the brazilian inspired sunga, the vivid swimwear features two bold prints. You can either choose the tropics or our new popular one, pixels. Are you more of a classic guy? We have them in black and white. Our swimwear is made out of a luxurious blend of elastane and polyester, made to dry quickly when you take a dip. The inner drawstring can be tucked away neatly and the upper thigh hugging cut gives you absolute confidence when you move around. Oceanico swimwear was made with you in mind, because we know you like to look your best when doing your best.

Walking Jack

Walking Jack is a European men's underwear brand launched in 2018 in Greece. It offers some of the most comfortable underwear available today, in timeless designs and contemporary, form-fitting styles. The collections combine popular solids, such as black, white, and blue, as well as custom sublimation prints designed and made exclusively for Walking Jack. Walking Jack creates men's underwear that goes the distance!